Retirement Planning

It is never too early to start planning for your retirement.

Requirements differ for each of us and we recognise that future income may be provided through a number of sources including pensions, physical property and other invested assets. We incorporate these within our projections in order to let you know where you stand today and to provide you with a cohesive plan to meet your future objectives.

The decisions we take at time of retirement are particularly important and should be made in consideration of all available options. Whatever the solution, it is important to strike the right balance between capital and income and to ensure that arrangements provide you and your dependents with the appropriate degree of security for the future.

We provide a full assessment of your retirement position and identify the most appropriate way forward.

We are also pleased to advise on individual policy / scheme arrangements; please do call us if you would wish to discuss any aspect of your retirement arrangements including:

  • Annuity Purchase
  • Income Drawdown
  • Phased Retirement
  • Self-Invested Pensions
  • Personal Pensions and Occupational Schemes
  • Equity Release
  • Long Term Care