Trusts & Estate

Investing as a Trustee can be a daunting prospect.

You may be required to balance a portfolio in order to take care of different classes of beneficiaries; you certainly have to be aware of the requirements of the Trustee Act 2000 and ensure that any Trust investment is suitable and kept under review. As a Trustee, you may be required to take investment advice and to regularly assess the portfolio's continuing effectiveness.

We can help in the following ways:

Advice on the construction of Trust investment portfolios

Working with your other professional advisers, we can ensure that the Trust's assets are invested to ensure that the objectives of the Trust are met and for you to carry out your duties as Trustee.

Review of existing Trust investment portfolios

We will firstly appraise an existing portfolio to ensure that it meets the requirements of the Trust deed. Where necessary we make appropriate recommendations for changes within the portfolio, and ensure that the Trust invests in appropriate investments.

Investment tax planning within Trusts

If you already act as a Trustee, you will be aware that a Trust is taxed differently from an individual or company. It is important, therefore, to ensure that taxation has been taken into account when the Trust makes investments. We assist you in ensuring that the Trust takes maximum advantage of its tax position.

If you require advice in this area please telephone or email us for an initial appraisal.