Wealth Management

Many of us accumulate a variety of financial products throughout our lifetime.

Over time however, changing tax regimes, investment restrictions and contractual terms often make it impossible to manage investment effectively. Our Investment Portfolio Services enable you to consolidate Pensions, ISAs, Investment Bonds, Collectives and Direct Holdings within one easy to manage account, providing the ability to take full advantage of available tax allowances whilst ensuring underlying investment remains competitive and in line with your objectives.

Whether your requirement is for capital growth, income or simply to better your position, we make it our business to create value. We are not afraid to take a market view and look to take advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. As importantly perhaps, we also seek to preserve your wealth during extended periods of market weakness.

We monitor and review portfolios on a regular basis in order that the decisions you make today remain effective into the future. Our advice includes all approproiate tax planning and takes full account of individual preferences including for example, Ethical or Socially Responsible investment. Our selected environment for the structuring and management of client portfolios is provided through the Transact Platform – please refer to the online demonstration provided.

Graph - Example Client Portfolio - Performance Analysis
Example Client Portfolio - Asset Performance
(Source Transact 05.08.2013)