Bridging/Development Finance

There are many reason for needing short term finance which usually lasts for up to 1 year although longer periods can be arranged.

Uses for these funds include

  • Purchase at Auction
  • Refurbishment of properties deemed uninhabitable or unsuitable for normal lending.
  • Self-Build
  • Purchase of commercial properties for development
  • Purchase of new property when there is a delay in the sale of existing property.
  • Where tight timescale on completion means usual mortgage application will take too long
  • Funds required by Limited Company’s

Applying for short term finance is complex which can cause delays if the process is not fully understood. Terms and rates are usually bespoke to each individual case and we can ensure that we present the best application on your behalf.


We advise on the purchase and re-finance of all commercial property; please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.